What’s behind every successful philanthropist? A trusted advisor.
Kris Putnam-Walkerly can help you create the impact and legacy you envision.

Helping Successful Philanthropists Get Even Better!

The best philanthropists realize what professional athletes, celebrities, entrepreneurs, and even Bill Gates have known for decades: coaches and advisors can help them attain goals, avoid mistakes and improve performance.

As your advisor, Kris Putnam-Walkerly can help you create lasting change. With Kris as your guide, you can make a major jump in the quality of your life and the effectiveness of your giving. You can attain greater clarity, impact, and joy in your philanthropy.

Kris works with her advising clients in many ways. Some they retain her annually as their strategic sounding board and “insurance policy” to navigate charitable challenges and opportunities. Others spend a day with her to jumpstart their philanthropic success. Whatever your needs, Kris can help — offering unrestricted access to my expertise and guidance when you need it. Learn more below.

"Kris is skillful in unlocking philanthropy’s complexities.  Her thoughtful, practical advice provides a roadmap for practitioners who want to increase their effectiveness."
LaTida Smith
President & CEO, Moses Taylor Foundation

Trusted Advisor

Whether you are a foundation leader, ultra-high-wealth donor, small funder, celebrity activist or CEO of a Fortune 500 Company – your goal is the same. You want to make the world a better place and have a lasting impact on your community. What’s holding you back, slowing you down, dampening your impact?

CEO Springboard

Whether you’re a first-time CEO, a new CEO at an established foundation, or a board member who’s made a new CEO hire, you’ve got high expectations. Unfortunately, new leaders often find themselves working in relative isolation. Luckily, you don’t have to go it alone. Kris Putnam-Walkerly will provide confidential strategic assessment, advising and coaching to help new CEOs navigate all aspects of starting a new foundation or leading an established one.

For Wealth Managers and Family Offices

Are you looking to position yourself or your firm as a go-to expert on charitable planning and philanthropic giving? Do you want to deepen client relationships across multi-generational families?

As a globally recognized philanthropy advisor, award-winning author, and contributor, Kris can help you provide value for your clients through all stages of their philanthropic journey.

Consultant Mentoring

Ensuring your consultancy is successful means making wise decisions. But making those decisions in isolation can hamper your results. Kris offers immediate access to expert advice and  coaching that give you a guide, a sounding board and a trusted, objective support system.

VIP Strategy & Coaching Day

Get unstuck and on track with a day focused solely on you and your philanthropy. The VIP Strategy & Coaching Day is an exclusive event where we work together one-on-one on what is most important for you and your philanthropy — whether you are just getting started or a seasoned philanthropist. The VIP Day is personalized to you and your work.

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