Strategy Development & Implementation

You want to use your philanthropy to change the world.
But how do you set about realizing your mission?

In any organization, it starts with creating and implementing an effective strategy. A strategy defines both what you want to accomplish and how you want to accomplish it. Yet too often, philanthropists lack clarity on both.

As a leader, you may be lacking critical clarity if you:

  • Don’t have a formal strategy to reach your philanthropic goals
  • Have an outdated strategic plan and don’t refer to it
  • Have a new strategy, but are struggling to align your people, systems, and operations to implement it
  • Get pulled into different directions and disconnected activities
  • Feel overwhelmed and frustrated by a growing list of obligations
  • Make a lot of grants, but lack insight on what they’re accomplishing

Whether you’re developing a strategy for the first time, looking to refresh or implement an existing plan, or aim to undertake a dramatic shift, renowned global philanthropy advisor Kris Putnam-Walkerly can help.

"As my trusted advisor, Kris Putnam-Walkerly helped our foundation navigate an organizational transformation to become more strategic and develop a clear plan to implement our new strategy. She offers funders a fresh perspective and practical tips to improve their giving."
Dr. Laura Gerald
President, Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust

How Kris Can Help You

Strategy Formulation

Kris Putnam-Walkerly will work closely with your team to rapidly develop a new strategy or revamp your existing one (often in as little as 7 weeks or 7 hours!). Kris customized her approach to meet your individual needs and can help you. This could include:
  • Develop values, mission, and vision
  • Identify where you’re aligned and achieving goals
  • Determine where you are misaligned and falling short
  • Understand your driving forces, key issues, and opportunities
  • Define how you want to be viewed in the next three years
  • Agree upon your strategy
  • Conduct an annual “strategy tune-up”

Strategy Implementation

A well-developed strategy is only useful if it’s implemented! To ensure success, Kris will help you more effectively execute your strategy toward your desired future:

  • Determine your top implementation priorities
  • Assign accountability among your team
  • Align your people, systems, and structures to immediately begin implementation
  • Identify and remove barriers to implementation
  • Maintain momentum and celebrate success

Design and Launch of Strategic Initiatives

Kris’s philanthropic advising services can also guide you as you develop your next strategic funding initiative. She can expertly coach you and your team to:
  • Assess needs and conduct environmental scans
  • Clarify philanthropic goals and tactics
  • Identify best practices
  • Engage stakeholders and partners
  • Leverage resources

Strategy Tune-Up

For funders that are implementing their strategy or funding initiative, an annual strategy tune-up can keep your strategy fresh and on track. Kris can help you to quickly:

  • Assess progress
  • Identify and address challenges
  • Update goals and priorities
  • Gain alignment
  • Reinvigorate implementation

Get Started

Are you ready to hone your strategic philanthropy approach to maximize your mission? Kris also offers a VIP Strategy & Coaching Day.

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