Smart Philanthropy℠

Have a few minutes to spare? Become a smarter grantmaker by listening to a quick podcast from Kris while you're at your desk, on a walk, or in your car. What you learn in a few minutes can save you time and increase your impact now and in the future!
Four Strategies for Communications Planning in Grantmaking Initiatives
  Kris discusses the importance of having open, transparent communication from all participants within a grant making program. This podcast provides examples of how to implement top-down, bottom-up, inside-out and all around communication. ( 3:30 )
Simplicity and Success
In today’s podcast, Kris discusses three ways foundations can reduce labor intensity. ( 4:36 )
Stop The Board Docket Madness
In this podcast, Kris shares five practical ways foundation leaders can reduce their labor intensity, simplify their work, and generate more creativity among their staff. ( 5:19 )
Grantmakers Should Think Like Consultants
Kris explains the many benefits of senior leaders thinking like consultants, including increasing the value and efficiency of your staff’s time. ( 4:19 )
How Can Grantmakers Increase Their Impact?
Kris shares tips on how to increase the impact of grants by using smarter grantmaking techniques. ( 5:54 )
Who Is Your Customer?
Kris shares insightful questions that you can ask yourself or your organization when trying to improve your grant making process. ( 3:20 )
How Hard Can It Be to Be Charitable?
Kris discusses 5 considerations that a donor should make to assure that the funding is put to the best use possible. ( 3:27 )
Six Ways to Identify Funding Partners
Kris shares best practices to increase the impact of your grantmaking by identifying the right funders for your initiative. ( 2:57 )
What Are the Roles of the Key Stakeholders
Kris explains who the key stakeholders are in any funding initiative and how to involve them throughout program development and implementation. ( 5:56 )
Who Is on Your Red Team?
Kris discusses the concept and benefits of having a red team and explains what type of organizations should consider having one. ( 2:32 )
Why Rely on Outside Consultants
Kris shares 3 important reasons why outside consultants can be a good choice when developing a grant program. ( 4:31 )
Prioritize and Implement a Communication Plan Immediately
Kris discusses the importance of developing a communication plan early and offers 3 tips that you can use now, to alleviate communication needs and assure the success of your grantmaking program. ( 4:07 )
How to Conduct Retrospective Evaluations
Kris explains why a retrospective evaluation should be performed and shares 3 steps to use to get one done. ( 4:07 )