Give me 7 minutes and I’ll show you…

how to relieve the 3 most common pain-in-the-neck challenges I’ve seen in most philanthropies:

  1. Figuring out the “how” behind your mission
  2. Getting alignment between board + staff
  3. Streamlining the delivery of funds
The North Star Navigator Cover

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7 Questions to Clarify Your Transformational Giving Strategy

Fine-tune your strategic plan so that it helps you:

  • Make daily decisions
  • Navigate change with confidence
  • Pivot when necessary
  • Cut clutter, busy work, and wasted resources
  • Accelerate your impact

You likely already have a strategic plan but this resource is definitely worth a peek.

This guide contains:

  1. A new way to think about Transformational Giving
  2. The 7 questions that will radically improve the clarity + effectiveness of your strategy Streamlining the delivery of funds
  3. A bonus workbook that offers in-depth instructions and sample answers to guide you

America’s Top Philanthropy Advisor

After advising the allocation of over $1B+ in grants and gifts, I’ve learned a thing or two about what works – not just in an ideal world but in the world of reality, too. As philanthropists, we all want our dollars, resources, and efforts to make the most impact possible, so I’ve created this short guide to make sure you have the strong foundation you need and deserve to do your best work and build a better world. I applaud your efforts and hope to meet you soon!

See how your Transformational Giving Strategy
can become your organization’s most useful tool.

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