Transformational Giving Live Webinar Series 2018

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Transformational GivingSM Webinar Series


Energize Your Grantmaking and Transform Your Impact!

Are you ready to dramatically improve your philanthropic impact?

As a trusted global advisor to philanthropy, I’m excited to share what I’ve learned from nearly two-decades in the field – please join me for my new Transformational Giving live webinar series where you will have the opportunity to interact with me LIVE and ask questions in real time.

In this series, we will discuss the many ways which grantmakers waste time, energy and money and how to solve the problem to improve your giving and achieve greater impact. Together, we will explore new ideas, enlighten your perspective on philanthropy, and provide you with concrete tools and strategies to get more impact from every charitable dollar. I guarantee this video series will be a valuable resource that will benefit you and your organization all year long.

As an added bonus, with each webinar you will receive FREE valuable resources (valued at over $895) such as a complimentary coaching call, white papers, my Confident Giving book, discussion questions and more!

Can’t make one of the broadcasts? No need to worry – all videos will be available for download to review at your convenience and to share with your organization!

Kris’s new Transformational Giving live webinar immediately prompted us to explore and evaluate how we interact with our grantees – especially during our grantmaking process. Her practical tips are incredibly helpful, and I highly recommend this series to other funders!
— Maureen Sheehan Massaro, Executive Director, Wilson Sheehan Foundation

The 2018 topic lineup includes:

Delusional Altruism  March 6th

  • What is delusional altruism?
  • 7 manifestations of delusional altruism.
  • If funders are so smart, why are we acting so dumb?
  • How to transform your giving from the inside out.

Increasing Speed in Philanthropy April 24th

  • The 6-week strategic planning process.
  • 5 philanthropic time-wasters.
  • 4 Techniques to speed things up (and gain time in your day!)
  • When to go slow to go fast.

The Innovative Funder May 17th

  • Stop expecting grantees to be innovative without expecting yourself to innovate.
  • How to generate innovative ideas every week.
  • Vetting, testing and launching new innovations.
  • 8 ways to fund innovation.

Strategic, Responsive or Both? June 19th

  • Defining and explaining the pros and cons of responsive and strategic grantmaking.
  • Is strategic grantmaking a more “advanced” course of action?
  • 4 ways foundations can combine strategic and responsive approaches.
  • 5 mistakes to avoid, and next steps you can take right now.

Embrace an Abundance Mindset September 13th

  • Most funders suffer from a scarcity (poverty) mentality that hinders talent, stalls creativity, and hijacks opportunity for systemic change.
  • An abundance approach to charitable giving allows philanthropists to give confidently for maximum impact and dramatic return.
  • Examples of funders with scarcity and abundance approaches.
  • How abundant are you? Test your abundant quotient.

Overcoming Fear  October 30th

  • Is fear sucking the joy and impact out of you?
  • 10 ways fear prevents funders from achieving dramatic impact.
  • The fearless funder – is it an oxymoron?
  • How building confidence and esteem will make you a better funder.

The Live Webinar Series will take place monthly from March through October 2018 (with the exception of July and August) from 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm ET. Viewer questions are welcomed during the session and may also be submitted in advance.

Kris Putnam-Walkerly is an exceptional global philanthropy advisor. I highly recommend tuning in to her series. You’ll be so glad you did.
— Kathy LeMay, Executive Director at Women Moving Millions

Fee: The cost is $395 for the series for one person, or only $895 for the entire staff and board of your organization.

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I’m looking forward to helping you dramatically improve your philanthropic impact in 2018!
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