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Azim Khamisa’s TED Talk: What comes after tragedy?

The news is filled with heart wrenching stories of violence against youth and by youth in America. Although rates of youth violence have actually decreased in recent years, the only acceptable rate is zero. Fortunately, there are many people and organizations across the country who are doing something about youth violence, diligently working to overcome their own grief, rise above the despair, make a difference and break the cycle. One of those organizations is one of my former clients, the Tariq Khamisa Foundation, founded by two amazing men, Azim Khamisa and Ples Felix. Khamisa and Felix are working together toward a brighter future and a better tomorrow. Their story begins in tragedy, but it is far from over. On a … Continue reading Azim Khamisa’s TED Talk: What comes after tragedy?

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Philanthropy and Science in an “Alternative Truths” World

Guest blog by Michael Green, CEO of Center for Environmental Health,, and  former Putnam Consulting Client. For more than two decades, our organization, the Center for Environmental Health, has worked to protect children and families from harmful chemicals in consumer products and in our air, water and food. Among our many efforts has been work on national campaigns to address the threats that genetically engineered or GMO crops pose to health, the environment and sustainable farming. In talking to philanthropists about this work, we have often been faced with long discussions to dispel the myths they have learned about GMOs from the mainstream media. For years, the companies that make GMOs have flooded the media with unverified claims, promising … Continue reading Philanthropy and Science in an “Alternative Truths” World

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