Are You Too Overwhelmed to Take Your Next Step?

6 Ways Philanthropists May Feel Overwhelmed A serious, but largely overlooked, problem in philanthropy is feeling overwhelmed. You know what I’m talking about. You might have woken up this morning feeling overwhelmed by the day ahead of you. You may feel overwhelmed by learning to use new technology, while suddenly working from home and homeschooling …

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Top Ten Articles of 2019

Demolish Philanthropic Bureaucracy For Good When it comes to philanthropic bureaucracy, sometimes what we really need is a bulldozer. Read More Your Strategic Plan is About to Fail Strategy most often fails in implementation. With all the effort that went into developing your new strategy and writing your strategic plan, the hardest part is making …

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One Guaranteed Way to Scare Your Grantees!

Nothing creates heart pounding ghoulish fear in the minds of a grantee like hearing from their funder: “We’re about to start strategic planning.” A funder undergoing strategic planning can put the nail in the coffin for grantees…at least temporarily. Philanthropic strategy development seems to last forever. During this time, and often behind closed doors, the …

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6 Mistakes Philanthropists Make During a Crisis (And What They Can Do Instead)

Don’t let delusional altruism hinder your impact! Learn valuable tips to improve your giving during tumultuous times.