Communicating Results

What good is your grantmaking success if you can’t share it? Putnam supplies a full suite of services and expertise to make sure your program is seen and understood by all the right audiences. From communication plans at the rollout stage to sharing lessons learned with the field to maintaining an active social media presence along the way, we’ll make sure the dramatic results you achieve stay top of mind among the individuals and organizations that matter most.

Our team is well versed in both print and online communications channels, delivering targeted communications strategies, crafting compelling messages, and creating relevant and engaging tools. Our nationwide network of contacts gives your information a broad and powerful reach. We’ll help you share your story and experience via:

  • Case studies for in-depth exploration
  • Toolkits to help others engage in your issue
  • Lessons-learned documents to inform the field
  • Articles for peer newsletters or national press
  • Videos that tell your story in quick and powerful ways
  • Presentations at board meetings or national conferences
  • Social media posts (Facebook, Twitter, and more)
  • Podcasts to engage a listening audience
  • Blog posts and cross posts in multiple venues
  • Blog teams to add muscle and commentary to your work

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Putnam’s ability to collect the best thinking and present it back to the field has been a valuable asset for EPIP and helped enhance our reputation. It also allowed us to play a key role in advancing the talent and leadership development movement within the field of philanthropy.
Rahsaan Harris, Executive Director
Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy
Rahsaan Harris