61 Foundation Staff and Board Members on Twitter


Below is a list of 61 individuals who work at grantmaking foundations or serve on foundation boards, and whose tweets include (but do not necessarily focus on) information about their foundations, nonprofits, and philanthropy.  This is an update to the 16 foundation staff who were originally listed on my “90 Foundations That Tweet” blog post (those with an asterisk * are new additions since that list). I’m excited to see that 67% hold leadership positions (managers, senior program officers, directors, vice presidents, CEOs, and board members). And its not just communications and technology staff who are tweeting:  only about one-third hold communications and technology positions (based upon my understanding of the job titles).

  1. @allieb37 * (Case Foundation – Communications Director)
  2. @AndresHenriquez * (Carnegie Corporation of New York – Program Officer)
  3. @andystitt829 * (Project Management Institute Education Foundation – Associate)
  4. @AnsonF * (Paul G. Allen Family Foundation – Senior Program Officer)
  5. @BrianSasscer * (Case Foundation – Senior Vice President, Strategic Operations)
  6. @broksas (Case Foundation – Senior Vice President, Innovation & Investment)
  7. @cajunjen * (United Nations Foundation – Online Communications staff person)
  8. @carolharmon * (The Columbus Foundation – Director of Marketing and Communication)
  9. @ChangeEvnglst * (Community Foundation of South Jersey – Executive Director)
  10. @cbeddia (Coastal Community Foundation of South Carolina – Marketing & Communications Director)
  11. @CHayling * (Blue Shield of California Foundation – CEO)
  12. @danielolias (The James Irvine Foundation – Director of Communications and Corporate Secretary)
  13. @dianefromm * (Project Management Institute Education Foundation – Administrator)
  14. @dkrumlauf (Pierce Family Charitable Foundation – Chief Technologist)
  15. @drsieg * (Grand Rapids Community Foundation – President)
  16. @elzbthmllr * (The Overbrook Foundation – Senior Program Associate)
  17. @ElizDickson * (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation – Research Assistant)
  18. @elstudio * (Case Foundation – Senior Director, Technology)
  19. @epbro (William and Flora Hewlett Foundation – Communications Director)
  20. @gtf_wynn * (Greater Texas Foundation – Executive Director)
  21. @ibarguen * (John S. and James L. Knight Foundation – President and CEO)
  22. @jacobcharold (William and Flora Hewlett Foundation – Program Officer)
  23. @jasonwagar (Toronto Community Foundation – Donor Services and Marketing Officer)
  24. @JCVukusich* (The Community Foundation for Palm Beach & Martin Counties – Senior Program Officer)
  25. @jeancase * (Case Foundation – CEO)
  26. @JeanetteBarr * (Project Management Institute Education Foundation – Development Manager)
  27. @jessamynlau (Peery Foundation – Program Leader)
  28. @KarcsiG * (Missouri Foundation for Health – Director of Evaluation)
  29. @KBergeman * (Lancaster County Community Foundation – Communications Coordinator)
  30. @kivie * (Case Foundation – Program Associate)
  31. @Lisa_A_Harris * (The Colorado Health Foundation – Manager of Communications Technology and New Media)
  32. @lewgedansky * (Project Management Institute Educational Foundation – Executive Director)
  33. @marcfest * (John S. and James L. Knight Foundation – Vice President, Communications)
  34. @mstohner * (Case Foundation – Director, Marketing and Partnerships)
  35. @msmithDC * (Case Foundation – Vice President, Social Innovation)
  36. @mvsachse * (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation – Program Associate)
  37. @PamOmidyar * (Omidyar Network – Co-Founder)
  38. @patrowan * (The Community Foundation for Palm Beach & Martin Counties – Grants Manager)
  39. @PaulTarini * (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation – Senior Program Officer & Team Leader, Pioneer Program)
  40. @paultofu (The Cleveland Foundation – Program Officer)
  41. @philanthropy411 * (Community Foundation of Lorain County – Board Member)
  42. @razoobe * (Burroughs Wellcome Fund – Communications Officer)
  43. @RocchiJulia * (United Nations Foundation – Online Communications Officer)
  44. @safosterny * (The Overbrook Foundation – President and CEO)
  45. @saraholdmixon * (The Community Foundation for the National Capital Region – Director of Workforce Initiatives)
  46. @socialcitizen (Case Foundation – Vice President, Social Innovation)
  47. @sokunthea * (Case Foundation – Director, Interactive Communications)
  48. @stephaniemca (David and Lucile Packard Foundation – Director of Organizational Effectiveness and Directed Grantmaking)
  49. @stephenjdowns * (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation – Assistant Vice President)
  50. @SteveCase * (Case Foundation – Chairman)
  51. @susanpromislo * (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation – Communications Officer)
  52. @theshackman * (Case Foundation – Associate, Interactive Strategies)
  53. @TiffanyTSmith (Annie E. Casey Foundation – Public Relations & Communications Strategiest)
  54. @TinaArnoldi (Coastal Community Foundation of South Carolina -Information Technology Officer)
  55. @tomjd* (Ashoka – Social Media Director)
  56. @tomkaecf (Annie E. Casey Foundation – Evaluation Manager)
  57. @TristaHarris * (Headwaters Foundation – Executive Director)
  58. @victoriavrana (Venture Philanthropy Partners – Vice President, Communications and Assessment)
  59. @WendyLJack * (The Kresge Foundation – Senior Program Officer)
  60. @wheresdabeefy * (United Nations Foundation)
  61. @wilhan * (Skillman Foundation – Director of Communications and Technology)

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This list was compiled by (1) including foundation staff and board members I am following or have encountered on Twitter, (2) posting several tweets requesting names of foundation staff and board members on Twitter (each of which were extensively retweeted), and (3) adding individuals who were suggested via comments to this blog.  Some people were not included because they did not appear to tweet about their foundation or philanthropy, or because their accounts were inactive at the time this list was compiled.

Posted by Kris Putnam-Walkerly © Kris Putnam-Walkerly and Philanthropy411, 2009

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