20 Funder Networks That Tweet


There was so much interest in last month’s post of 90 Foundations That Tweet that I wanted to expand on it by sharing a list of funder networks on Twitter.

What is a Funder Network?

According to the Forum of Regional Associations of Grantmakers:

Funder networks consist of grantmakers organized around a specific funding issue, geographic location, or identity-based community that come together to build their skills, capacity, and impact.  The networks:

  • come in all shapes and sizes, including small and large private foundations, individual donors, community foundations, and philanthropists
  • recognize the benefits of pooling resources, sharing knowledge, and benefiting from each other’s experiences
  • increase resources for and focus attention on issues or underserved sectors

Below are 20 funder networks that tweet:

  1. Arizona Grantmakers Forum (via CEO Marissa Theisen) @MRT5244
  2. Association of Baltimore Area Grantmakers @ABAGrantmakers
  3. Council on Foundations @COF_
  4. Council of Michigan Foundations @michfoundations
  5. Donors Forum of South Florida @donorsforumSF
  6. Donors Forum of Wisconsin @donorsforumofWI
  7. Emerging Practioners in Philanthropy @rustystahl
  8. Emerging Practioners in Philanthropy-Michigan @EPIPMichigan
  9. Forum of Regional Associations of Grantmakers @givingforum
  10. Funders Together to End Homelessness @funderstogether
  11. Grantmakers Forum of New York @GrantmakersNY
  12. Grantmakers of Western Pennsylvania @GWPTweet
  13. Iowa Council of Foundation’s Youth Philanthropy Initiative @iowayouthphil
  14. More For Mission Investing @more4mission
  15. Regional Association of Washington Grantmakers @WGrantmakers
  16. Southeastern Council of Foundations @secftweets
  17. Technology Affinity Group @TAGtech09
  18. The Communication Network @bsttrach
  19. Transatlantic Community Foundation Network (Canada) @TCFN
  20. West Virginia Grantmakers @WVGrantmakers

I’m sure I missed some, so please add a comment to share more funder networks on Twitter!

For more information about funder networks, check out the Forum of Regional Associations of Grantmakers and the Council of Foundation’s list of affinity groups.  Grantmakers for Effective Organizations also published a series of reports about the benefits and accomplishments of funder networks.

This list was compiled by (1) including funder networks I am following on Twitter, (2) posting three tweets over one month requesting names of funder networks that tweet (each of which were retweeted), and (3) taking Liz Wilder, Executive Director of Grantmakers Forum of New York, up on her offer to post the query “Who’s tweeting?” on the CEO listserve of the Forum of the Regional Association of Grantmakers (thanks Liz!).

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Posted by Kris Putnam-Walkerly  © Kris Putnam-Walkerly and Philanthropy411, 2009

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