Stop The Board Docket Madness


In this podcast, Kris shares five practical ways foundation leaders can reduce their labor intensity, simplify their work, and generate more creativity among their staff.

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2 thoughts on “Stop The Board Docket Madness”

  1. Good and practical suggestions! I love the podcast format. Our community foundation increased the threshold for grants requiring board approval and streamlined the process for approving the others. That helps. But, in my experience (and observation) as a former program officer and now communications person, it is not only the grants docket that bogs down board meetings, but the overload of agenda items and reports at other meetings. Even with a consent agenda it’s hard for me to believe board members can actually process, discuss and and act on so much at one time. I like your idea of thinking of each meeting and its goal(s). I wonder how many do that now?

    1. Thanks Luis! Glad you found this helpful and thanks for sharing your experiences. I agree consent agendas can be helpful to move things quickly. As a foundation board member myself I find it hard to process all of the information, after not having thought about it very often for the previous 2 months.

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