20 Ways a Consultant Can Make Your Life Easier

shutterstock_200247062 - smiling african american consultantYou and your staff can probably leap tall buildings in a single bound. But you might not be able — or willing — to tackle every single need that presents itself.

It might be time to hire a consultant. If you are wondering just how much help consultants can be, here are 20 ways they can make your life easier.

  1. Perform needs assessments – The more ingrained we get in our work, the harder it is to see the big picture. A strategic consultant can provide an overview of your organization and help you determine where you have real gaps and where you need to make strategic change.
  2. Conduct environmental scans – It would be great to know who else is doing similar work, and we would all like to know what major new developments are afoot in our field. But you simply don’t have time to do the research necessary. A research consultant may be the best resource for you.
  3. Research grantmaking strategies – Do you need to rethink the types of grants you make? Their size, or the region in which you make them? A consultant can help you research the best ways to use your funds, for financial and organizational benefits now and in the future.
  4. Advise on program development – A consultant with a particular area of expertise — education, for example — can provide support while you create and grow your foundation’s programs. You are the expert on your foundation, your community, your strategy. Let a consultant be the expert on the program details.
  5. Review proposals – When you put out a request for proposals, you get proposals back. Do you really have the time to carefully consider each one? One or two consultants can read proposals, pinpoint the strongest candidates, save you time, and help your decision making.
  6. Conduct site visits – Scheduling conflicts often get in the way of a good site visit. Hiring someone to organize and conduct site visits means grantees get the time and attention they deserve, and you receive unbiased reports. This is a win-win for everyone involved.
  7. Coordinate the review process – Managing the flow of hundreds of applications can be overwhelming. A consultant can coordinate individual reviewers, answer applicant questions, and schedule site visits among finalists. You can concentrate on overall supervision and review only the most promising applications.
  8. Help with organizational development – Board development, staff development, administrative needs, technical support. Where do you begin when it comes to organizational development for your foundation? An efficiency expert, or several experts with different skills, can help you build your board strategically, provide needed staff training, and offer technical support and administrative cost-cutting techniques.
  9. Explore ideas for new foundations – Are you considering creating a new foundation? Bring someone on board to see what the real needs are, where someone else might be doing similar work, and what changes need to be made to current funding and programs. This front-end investment will save you time and legal fees down the road.
  10. Assist with ongoing management – Do you need help with overwhelming day-to-day tasks? A temporary consultant can help review proposals, respond to applicant questions, help you get reorganized, and keep your operations seamless — which is a great use of financial resources.

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22 thoughts on “20 Ways a Consultant Can Make Your Life Easier”

  1. It’s interesting that you point out how hiring a consultant can help you with program development. If you hire someone that can help with a specific department, that can help you have more time on other things. It may help to find out how much experience they have before you hire them.

  2. Thank you for posting these tips. We had considered hiring a consultant for our company and these tips that you posted show how beneficial it could be. I will have to share it with my husband. Thank you for the information!

  3. Hi Kris! I am starting a local business here in Greenville and I wanted to have consulting services. I look highly to professional’s opinion. I am also a busy person so I don’t have time to attend to everything that concerns the business. Your article strengthened my decision. Thank you!

  4. Hello Kris! I totally agree with everything that is in here. I recently hired a consultant since I am new to the business industry. And I got to say, she has helped me a lot in everything that concerns the business. Good to have a companion that really understands what is needed to keep the business up and going! Thank you for sharing this! 🙂

  5. I can definitely see why you would need to work with a business consultant when building a brand new foundation. It seems like a lot of businesses tend to struggle due to poor strategies. I definitely think that working with a consultant would regularly be the safest course of action.

  6. I appreciate how you say that a consultant can help you out by performing a needs assessment. It would be good to have someone who can help you stay organized and help you know what to do. If you are hiring a consultant you would probably want to talk with some past clients first.

  7. Thank you very much, really a great post to read. Actually, The main job of a Business Consultant is a sounding board. They are not really there to decide the extremely critical decision that how a feature needs to be implemented.

  8. I really like what you said about performing needs assessments and how a consultant can help you determine where you have real gaps. This is especially important, in my opinion, for any business so that they can properly assess their company and where they are headed. It’s a good idea for any business to hire a consultant to help them to figure out what exactly it is that the company needs and what it should do about it.

  9. Your point on how hiring a consultant can help you with your overwhelming day-to-day tasks really makes sense to me. Hiring a consultant seems like it could be a great step for a business to take. Hopefully, they do their research and find the best ones possible.

  10. It makes sense to me bring a consultant into a business environment because they can bring fresh eyes to a business situation. Sometimes it is as simple as them asking a couple of questions about business operations that the people within the business have taken for granted. So often a subtle tweak can have huge results.

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  12. A friend of mine is swamped at work and I have recommended that he hire a business consulting firm to help him until things get under control. As you said, consultants can conduct site visits and help make sure that all the sites have the attention that they need. These visits are what is taking my friend for focusing on more important tasks.

  13. Thanks for pointing out the way a consultant can make your life easier. I think it would be a good idea for most businesses to have a computer consultant. Having one that is qualified could really help their employees, I think.

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