Case Studies

Effective, confident grantmaking can be complicated work. Read these examples of how Putnam brought focus and simplicity to some very large-scale projects, and boosted their long-term effectiveness as well.

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Develop and manage a new RFP process that reaches into new nonprofit networks. Create a system of virtual site visits for 20 finalists. Share lessons learned from this new process.
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Annie E. Casey Foundation
Instead of waiting years until the work is done, create a case study, produce videos, and build buzz early in the game to show the work in process, highlight the contributions of partners, and showcase the lessons you’re learning along the way.
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The Cleveland Foundation
Design new program, including its Theory of Change. Provide implementation guidance and on-the-ground support. Dive deep into results and lessons learned to inform decisions about the initiative’s future.
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Ohio State Bar Foundation
Engage in an intensive evaluation process that gets beyond the numbers and into the on-the-ground perspectives that illustrate program impact.
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Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy
Develop a comprehensive online toolkit for funders that includes a framing document, a series of case studies high- lighting a variety of successful foundation investments, and videos that bring the work to life. Then create a national social media push to generate interest.
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