Month: January 2020

Are You a Narcissist or a Philanthropist?

Three examples of the damage narcissism can cause to philanthropic efforts. Narcissists are extremely self-centered people who have an exaggerated sense of their own importance, and are more concerned with their own desires and interests over the needs of others. Sound like any people you know? Perhaps the last person you dated or an elected …

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Top Ten Articles of 2019

Demolish Philanthropic Bureaucracy For Good When it comes to philanthropic bureaucracy, sometimes what we really need is a bulldozer. Read More Your Strategic Plan is About to Fail Strategy most often fails in implementation. With all the effort that went into developing your new strategy and writing your strategic plan, the hardest part is making …

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6 Mistakes Philanthropists Make During a Crisis (And What They Can Do Instead)

Don’t let delusional altruism hinder your impact! Learn valuable tips to improve your giving during tumultuous times.