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Q1: The Key to Your Best Year Ever

I’ve spoken with dozens of philanthropy leaders in the first three weeks of 2015. Most entered the New Year running out the gate and are starting to feel overwhelmed. A few are experiencing a sluggish start. But they are equally overwhelmed because they aren’t sure where to begin.  In my experience, a productive first quarter of the year will lead to a successful, fun, and easier remainder of the year. Feeling behind? The great news is you still have 2 months left in Q1! You can answer these three questions to help you get started. 1. What are my top 3 priorities for 2015? (If you find it hard to pick only three, you can ask my favorite question: If I … Continue reading Q1: The Key to Your Best Year Ever

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3 Ways to Reduce Labor Intensity

Grantmakers, and their consultants, tend to overcomplicate things. Let me give you two simple examples of how this wastes time and prevents success. First: biweekly meetings. I’ve worked for funders who wanted me to stage biweekly meetings, for groups both large and small. In all cases, the process came before the goal: Each funder decided to have biweekly meetings before thinking about what they really wanted to accomplish. How effective the meetings were in reaching the goal was not a consideration. Second example: one-year grants. Offering a year of funding sounds fiscally responsible, since you’re checking for success before funding another year. But if you’re really likely to keep funding this organization, aren’t you being fiscally irresponsible? Think about the … Continue reading 3 Ways to Reduce Labor Intensity

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