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Does Your Grantmaking Initiative Take Initiative?

You’re designing a new philanthropic initiative and you expect results quickly. Which adjectives would you rather described your team? Option 1: Get up and go attitude, energetic, empowered, speedy, driven, inventive, and resourceful Option 2: Unsure, unclear, lethargic, slow, idle, and resistant If you have a pulse, I am guessing you chose Option 1. In my experience however, too many new philanthropic efforts crawl out of the gate because the participants and leaders are operating at Option 2. They don’t take initiative. But it’s relatively simple to set and elevate expectations for initiative-taking. In my consulting practice my team uses the “Five Degrees of Initiative” originally proposed in a Harvard Business Review Classic article “Who’s Got the Monkey” by William … Continue reading Does Your Grantmaking Initiative Take Initiative?

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