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Improve Your Philanthropic “Customer Experience”

I recently stayed at the Charles Hotel near Harvard Square, and was delighted to see the “Web Cube” on my hallway on my way to my room. It’s essentially a large closet with a desk, computer, printer and free internet access, available to all guests on the floor.  I assume each floor has them.  What a brilliant improvement to an existing valuable resource: hotel business centers. We’ve all used hotel business centers and have encountered similar problems: finding them, using them during limited business hours, and planning our time so that we don’t have to go back and forth from our room to the business center and back.  This web cube takes the customer experience to a new level. If … Continue reading Improve Your Philanthropic “Customer Experience”

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Who Is Your Customer?

It’s easy to get mired in the way things have always been done, and sometimes it leaves us blind to our customers’ real needs. So take a moment and ask yourself one critical question: Who is my customer? In my experience this is a question that most foundations simply don’t ask themselves. I was talking last week with a funder client (let’s call her Mary) who said that a big lesson she learned is that they should give their applicants more time to respond to a request for proposal. They had only given their applicants about a month; during that month, the applicant had to decide whether and how to apply jointly with other organizations that were also invited, prepare … Continue reading Who Is Your Customer?

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