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Can Philanthropy Truly Embrace the Wisdom of Crowds?

Philanthropy411 is currently covering the Communications Network and CommA Fall 2010 Conference in Los Angeles with the help of a blog team, which is part of the conference’s 2nd annual Gorilla Engagement Squad.  This is a guest post by Adin Miller, owner of Adin Miller Consulting.  Follow him on Twitter:   @adincmiller by:  Adin Miller The Fall 2010 Communications Network  / CommA Conference (ComNet010) began this morning with a presentation by James Surowiecki, author of the Balance Sheet column for the New Yorker and the book The Wisdom of Crowds, on  finding better answer and solutions through a focused efforts to engage group intelligence. The session was an excellent way to engage the audience – mostly communication personnel in philanthropic institutions … Continue reading Can Philanthropy Truly Embrace the Wisdom of Crowds?

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