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Five ways to avoid delusional altruism

This post was originally published on Smart Business.  It is reposted here with permission. Good businesses pride themselves on the good they do for others, both in terms of their products and services and in the way they give back to their communities. However, in my 16 years of experience advising corporate, institutional and individual philanthropists, I’ve found that many suffer from delusional altruism. Delusional altruism is when you are genuinely trying to help people — but paying absolutely no attention to the operational inefficiency and waste that drains those you’re trying to help or your own company or corporate foundation of the human and financial capital necessary to accomplish these goals. Let me give you two common examples of delusional altruism … Continue reading Five ways to avoid delusional altruism

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Small Business Tips for Charitable Giving

Did you know that donating to a good case can help your business? I was quoted in a recent Wall Street Journal article that highlights how small companies should give to charities. Here is a summary of what it recommends: 1. Connect your cause to your company — A pet supply company will gain more traction donating to an animal shelter than to the opera. 2. Ask employees for their ideas on causes to support – Employees will be more engaged in your charitable efforts if they help to create them. 3. Support causes you care about in your backyard – Employees will be more appreciative that company philanthropy is supporting the communities in which they live, and local customers will too. … Continue reading Small Business Tips for Charitable Giving

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