Trusted Advisor

Kris Putnam-Walkerly serves as a trusted advisor to foundation leaders and high-wealth donors across the globe. She provides the clarity needed to significantly accelerate the speed and quality of decision-making on issues big and small.  She also acts as a confidential sounding board who offers her clients a third-party objective view to quickly propel philanthropic leaders and their strategies forward.

As an advisor, Kris transfers learning to leaders and their teams so they have the ability to build their own internal capacity to be successful in their work. At the same time, they can engage Kris as a safety net while navigating tactical decisions, launching new initiatives, and implementing new strategies.  Kris’s clients report immediate and dramatic improvement in both personal performance and philanthropic impact. Her advising services are ideal for:

  • New foundation executives who want to start and stay strong in their roles
  • Seasoned foundation leaders who want to explore new strategies
  • Individual philanthropists who want to increase their impact
  • Family foundations that want to strengthen their legacy
  • Health conversion foundations that need guidance on effectively allocating their assets
  • Corporate donors who want to optimize their giving
  • High net worth donors seeking to create new foundations

Advising Engagements

Kris’s advising engagements are as diverse and focused as the individual clients themselves. Whether you are the CEO of a larger foundation, the sole staff member charged with decision-making, or a high-net worth donor, the questions Kris can address cover a broad spectrum of professional and personal issues, such as:

  • How do I start a foundation or donor advised fund?
  • How do I rapidly create a grantmaking or giving strategy?
  • How should we determine our grantmaking or giving priorities?
  • How can I streamline and optimize the operations of our giving?
  • What mistakes should I avoid when launching a new grantmaking initiative?
  • What’s the best way to engage the next generation of our family in the foundation?
  • How do I work smarter so I can have more balance in my life?
  • How do I align my values and passions with my giving?
  • How do I navigate my new role in my organization?
  • How should I organize my workload to become more efficient and effective?
  • How can I transform our foundation for greater impact?
  • How can our corporate giving align with our business goals?
  • How can I leverage other funders for greater impact?
  • How can I manage conflict among my staff or board?
  • How can we share our success stories with others?

As an advising client, you’ll have unlimited access to Kris during regular business hours by phone, Skype, email and, when desired, face to face.  Conversations with Kris are candid, confidential, and responsive to your immediate needs.  With over 18 years of experience working with top global philanthropies, Kris understands how to build an impactful organization that integrates your philanthropic passions and the challenges that must be overcome to get there.  Call today to begin a trusted advisor relationship with Kris.

As my strategic advisor and sounding board, Kris is always there when I need a clear path forward or a reality check. I am grateful to have her as a trusted, unbiased, and experienced professional to turn to!
Maureen Sheehan Massaro, Executive Director,
Wilson Sheehan Foundation
Maureen Sheehan Massaro