Strategy Development

Effective grantmaking strategies don’t just happen on their own. They take objective thought, careful planning, detailed management, and the development of key relationships to ensure their success. Putnam brings a wealth of experience and creativity to the work of strategy and program development, asking hard questions, sparking new ideas, identifying new resources and partners, and nailing down every detail of logistics and operations.

Before your next initiative launches, we’ll help make sure it’s designed wisely and aligned with your goals perfectly — so you’ll get the dramatic results you seek.

Our strategy development services include:

  • Developing innovative grantmaking strategies and new funding initiatives
  • Environmental scans to determine levels of need and existing responses in your interest area
  • Creating theories of change to anchor your work
  • Engaging stakeholders to broaden your reach
  • Pinpointing funding gaps that offer promising opportunities
  • Identifying funding partners who will leverage your resources
  • Identifying best practices that you can begin to adopt immediately

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We hired Putnam to conduct an environmental scan of the field of neuroscience and its application to interventions for children and youth. Putnam provided a comprehensive road map and conveyed several strategies for program investments with clear delineation of the pros and cons of each. As a result, we were able to identify new funding opportunities and invest in them with great confidence.
Jane Isaacs Lowe, Senior Adviser for Program Development
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Jane Isaacs Lowe