Energize and Dramatically Improve Your Philanthropic Impact in 2018

ISSUE NUMBER 192 | February 26, 2018

Learn to Look at Philanthropy Differently in 2018

What are you doing now to ensure that your 2018 grantmaking will be even more effective, interesting and rewarding than ever?

Our day-to-day work in philanthropy is complex, and it is human nature to simplify things into predictable and manageable processes. That’s how we evaluate incoming information, manage our grantmaking processes, and get valuable dollars out the door and into communities. But it’s also how we sometimes undermine our own potential.

In my upcoming six-part live webinar series, I will help you understand ways in which you can look at your philanthropy differently.

Funders often have the very best of intentions, but create needless hurdles to their own success through what are often unconscious decisions and actions. In addition, these actions can have serious unintended consequences for grantees. The good news is that once you know what these behaviors are, it’s relatively easy to change them and become both more productive and more effective.

In this new live stream series you’ll learn how to apply new lenses to your work to generate more impact, and how to recognize and change behaviors and actions that are undermining your good intentions and creating roadblocks for your grantees.

Topics include:

  • Delusional Altruism (March 6) – How to recognize when you may be doing harm in the name of doing good.
  • Speed (April 24) – How to quit wasting time and get to impact.
  • The Innovative Funder (May 17) – How to generate, recognize, launch and fund innovation inside your own walls and out in the world.
  • Strategic, Responsive or Both (June 19) – How to find the perfect balance.
  • Overcoming Fear (August 16) – How to build confidence as a “fearless funder.”
  • Embrace an Abundance Mindset (September 13) – How to recognize and capitalize on everyday opportunities.

Each live webinar broadcast will occur from 12:00pm to 1:00pm EST. Not able to tune in? No problem! As a subscriber, you’ll have unlimited access to recordings of the live sessions to watch at your convenience. Learn more about the content of each session and sign up by clicking on the link below.

With so much changing in the world around us, now is a good time to change how you think about your work in philanthropy today. Subscribe to the live webinar series now, and enjoy learning new ideas all year long!

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Kris Putnam-Walkerly, MSW, has helped to transform the impact of top global philanthropies for almost 20 years. A member of the Million Dollar Consultant Hall of Fame and named one of America's Top 25 Philanthropy Speakers. Author of the award-winning book Confident Giving: Sage Advice for Funders, which was named one of "The 10 Best Corporate Social Responsibility Books." For more ways to improve your giving, visit Putnam Consulting Group.

"Kris’s presentations are a compelling combination of solid best-practice information coupled with real-world examples from her work with numerous foundations."
Ret Boney, Executive Director, North Carolina Network of Grantmakers

Could You Benefit From a Trusted Advisor?

Kris Putnam-Walkerly serves as a trusted advisor to foundation leaders and high-wealth donors across the globe. As an advisor, Kris transfers learning to leaders and their teams so they build their own internal capacity to be successful in their work. Whether you are the CEO of a larger foundation, the sole staff member charged with decision-making, or a high-net worth donor, the questions Kris can address cover a broad spectrum of professional and personal issues.

Kris’s clients report immediate and dramatic improvement in both personal performance and philanthropic impact. As an advising client, you’ll have unlimited access to Kris during regular business hours by phone, Skype, email and, when desired, face to face. With over 18 years of experience working with top global philanthropies, Kris understands how to build an impactful organization that integrates your philanthropic passions and the challenges that must be overcome to get there.

Contact Kris today to begin a trusted advisor relationship.

Are You a New Foundation Leader?

The CEO Springboard Program Might be Right for You

Whether you’re a first-time CEO, a new CEO at an established foundation, or a board member who’s made a new CEO hire, you’ve got high expectations. New leadership means a chance to strengthen practices and implement change. It’s an opportunity to build a solid foundation for generations of philanthropic impact.

Kris Putnam-Walkerly will provide confidential strategic assessment, advising and coaching to help new CEOs navigate all aspects of starting a new foundation or leading an established one. Because no two foundations – and no two CEOs – are alike, Kris tailors her approach specifically to the needs of the individual and foundation in question. All activities are designed with the foundation’s ultimate purpose and goals at the forefront.

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