ISSUE NUMBER 40   |   DECEMBER 22, 2014 

One Mistake Family Foundations Should Avoid

A new, large family foundation is about to hire its first executive. The foundation board thinks "any manager", a bank executive, or a business consultant would be perfectly qualified for the job - no philanthropy experience necessary. Sound familiar?  Too often smart and talented people are extraordinarily successful in business, and then fail to apply their smarts to their philanthropic giving.


I advised them to ask the following three questions:


1 - What is the business that allowed the donor to create so much wealth that he or she could start a foundation? Whatever it is, how successful would it have been if they had handed the role of CEO over to a banker or "any manager" with no experience in that industry? If they can't imagine doing that for their business, then they shouldn't consider doing it for the foundation.


2 - How much time and money do they want to spend on the banker or "any manager" to have a steep learning curve about philanthropy and running a foundation? Wouldn't they rather hit the ground running?


3 - Are they willing to risk the foundationšs reputation on someone who has no experience doing this job? Often the foundation's name is the same as the donor's name. The banker/"any manager" could fumble a lot before getting it right.


In any industry it's great to bring in fresh ideas, perspectives, and talent. And philanthropy has a lot to learn from other sectors on topics such as customer service, innovation, and technology. But don't disrespect the power of philanthropy by hiring unqualified people to lead it.


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