ISSUE NUMBER 25   |   SEPTEMBER 8, 2014 

Your Legacy 


One of my favorite questions I ask potential clients is: "If you could only accomplish one thing in the next year, and it was to be your legacy at your foundation, what would it be?"


I love this question because it gets at the heart of what is most important to us professionally, at this time in our lives. We all have hundreds of items on our to-do list. The start of each day can feel daunting and overwhelming. But if you can only do one big thing this year, what would it be? It helps our clients focus on what is most important, and it helps me understand how I can be of greatest help in meeting these goals.


I asked this question of myself recently, and my answer was so clear it startled me: Write a book.


I suggest you take 15 seconds right now to ask yourself: "If YOU could only accomplish one thing in the next year, and it was to be your legacy at your organization, what would it be?" Write down the answer that pops in your head (don't self edit) and put it somewhere you will see it often. Next week, take some time to determine how you will accomplish this goal. Do you need to carve out time? Engage other people? Delegate less important work so that you can focus on your top priority? Do it. It might be your legacy.


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