Evaluating Impact

Evaluation is a key element of any grantmaking program, from initial concept development to sharing results. Putnam has provided evaluation design and implementation for some of the country’s most innovative grantmakers. From evaluation planning to analyzing the results of multiple years’ work, we’ll provide meaningful information and lessons learned that will improve your grantmaking. We help by:

  • Assessing evaluation needs. We’ll determine what structures and measures you’ll need to have in place — and where the gaps exist.
  • Determining evaluation readiness. We’ll analyze the consistency of direction, implementation, and data collection to determine if and what kind of evaluation is possible.
  • Incorporating qualitative and quantitative measurement. Our team of experts will work with your program participants to help them gather the right data in the right way.
  • Conducting retrospective evaluations. Forgot to evaluate your work? That’s okay. We’ll dig into the past with a range of document review and interview strategies to assess your program’s effectiveness.
  • Emphasizing useful, actionable findings to help make decisions and real-time improvements. We’ll help you recognize what evaluation findings mean for your program’s success and recommend adjustments and new approaches.

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Our evaluation work with Putnam was essential to supporting one of the most significant grantmaking endeavors our foundation has ever had. Kris helped our board see the importance of looking beyond the grant award itself, and we are looking forward to doing more evaluations like this as our organization matures.
Alison Belfrage, Executive Director
Ohio State Bar Foundation
Alison Belfrage